Making A LED Golf Ball

Through months of testing and design, Light it Up Golf have designed what is one of the most superior LED golf ball on the market today.


 The testing of different glow golf balls by our design team


In the early stages of Light it up golf there was much testing of current designs on the market. Almost all came with a warning stating something along the lines 'Hitting this glow ball with a metal driver may cause damage to the club face'. Ultimately they were all too hard to be of a quality for any golfer to enjoy the game. After 11 months of design and testing, Our team in conjugation with electrical engineers, tour professional Brad McIntosh, have designed Glow in Dark Golf Balls.

The ball consists of a three layer construction. The inner core is the heart of the light it up night golf ball. This is made from solid resin encasing 2 superbright LEDs, impact sensors and timers. The outer core is not dis-similar to that of any other ball, made from a softer rubber it is designed to give excellent feel to the ball. The cover is a durable surlyn which is to optimize spin, distance and control.


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Like all Night Golf Balls on the market, there was compromise. LED Light Up Balls lose around 7% of distance compared to a regular golf ball which comparatively is the best on the market for LED glow golf balls. A regular golf ball single core gives the full width of the golf ball to generate power and speed of the club face upon impact. All LED Glow in the Dark Balls contain a solid resin core or similar that reduces the amount of potential energy and thus speed and power generated off the club face. With ongoing research and development we expect to reduce that gap, but for now it is good to know to take another club!

To stand out from the group, Light it up LED golf ball is currently available in red and green. The night golf ball is currently available on the website click the link for a list of stockists.

limited edition LED golf ball Clear Cover Design

Update on design of our LED Golf ball after 3 years


Making Golf Balls That Light Up is a challenge. Creating a ball that fly's through the air like a normal golf ball whilst maintaining a soft feel is a constant battle and we take the time to make sure the balance is right. Our most recent design is still the smallest inner core design on the market allowing for more compression when the ball is struck and allows for a softer feel. Whilst maintaining the smallest core we have strengthened the casing of the core to lower the failure rate when the ball is struck and improving the failure rate due to high heat in production. We have currently changed the design of our dimple pattern of our ball to help with launch and spin of an LED golf ball.



With the LIUG ball's constant progression we have developed the worlds first crystal cover LED golf ball. This golf ball has a multi coloured LED system that changes between 4 different colours. This ball is currently only available in our limited edition gift pack. This gift pack is a premium range of LED night golf products that include a Multi function torch with a UV function, Glow wedge tee's and our recently designed LED ball marker.




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