Night Golf Events

Night golf bought to you by Light it up golf is not just golf at night, it is a new sport. New skill sets, new feel, new challenges. It takes golf to a whole new level of fun. With our new night golf ball and superior course setup we are making night golf a proper professional concept for every golf club in Australia to run night golf events and make money for their club. Come and join our night golf Facebook page

Contact us to put on a night golf event for you. We will work with you to make sure your night is a success We will come out to your course and setup the 9 holes with over 1000 LED glow sticks. Red Flashing lights for hazards, Red Static lights for bunkers, green for fairways, White for Greens, blue for tee's and yardage markers and we also have white lights that will shine in your trees and your paths to the next hole.

This process is at no cost to your club we work purely on commission per amount of players at your event on that night. The price of your night can be discussed with Light it up golf.  You get one of our experienced contractors to come out to your course and setup your night and when you’re finished take it all down. They will bring everything needed for your night to your course. Glow in Dark Golf Balls, Night tee’s (it’s amazing how important these are), torches ect.

 The Real Incentive for a Club to run a Night golf event.

The real reason why this is a great option for golf clubs is the people that it brings to your course. We estimate a full field for 9 holes will be 72 players. That's 72 more people on your course that you have never had. 72 more people using your club house and what it has to offer. But the real extra which we expect is a new group of golfers to your club. Our current stats as of Nov 2013 are around 30% member base to 70% social, member of another club or non golfer base which is new money into your club and large potential to attract new members. 

Night Golf Events Options.. 

Light It Up Golf...A new exciting experience..

A great social night for the serious golfers, families and children
our golf events page will guide you to activities & all golf events will insure to give you the ultimate night golfing experience.

Night Golf Rules


Nine Hole Event

Two Light it up Golf Team Members will be there two hours prior to tee off. The will require two carts and commence setting up the course. On completion of the nine hole setup, you will see the tees, fairways, greens, bunkers, hazards, flag stick, cup and distance markers easily identified. Refer to a number of the photos in this pack for your reference.

Five Hole Event

One team Member will require one cart two hours prior to the event and do the same setup as a nine hole event.

Pro-Am Event

Light it up Golf has successfully run Pro-Am style Light it up Golf events in the past. If running a traditional style of Pro-Am at you club appears out of reach, discuss the idea of a Light it up Golf Pro-Am with our Business Development Manager Brad McIntosh on 0408 708 866 /

Special Events

A $5000 hole in one prize on a selected par three on your course could be a great offer to your players. The Hole in One Prize offers the opportunity to drive more players to your event, a great unique prize that marketing and advertising can leverage off and the choice to charge more to the players for the event.
A shootout or a putting contest can be a great way to attract people to your club before or after your night golf event.


A Party Event is a great event for groups of less than 20. A three hole setup for 2 hours with an experienced Light it Up Golf operator setting unique challenges for the duration of the event.

A Night Golf Round Robin Challenge can elevate the most novice golfer into a champion while humble some of the best. Three unique challenges that ‘level’ the golfing field through their unique means. This event can cater for up to 180 participants and has 4 of Light it up Golf’s best team involved.
A $5000 Hole in One could be a one-off competition to drive sales and revenue to your club, as part of a promotional activity or any other reason. Light it up Golf offers the opportunity for any club to host a $5000 Night Golf Hole in One competition. Hosted by the Light it up Golf, we supply the glow golf balls, two operators and if required hitting mat and golf clubs. Conditions apply. Email us for an enquiry.

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