Night Golf Experience

Night golf is not just golf in the dark its a magnificent night golf experience that will leave you thinking WOW. With night golf balls and a glowing golf course.

Light it up golf is not just night golf, it is a new sport. New skill sets, new feel, new challenges like that basketball game that's played on trampolines.

Tree lined fairways, undulating greens and intimidating water hazards are the most common greetings at your local club, but what if you couldn't see that?

Night Golf

Night Golf Experience

How would it feel?
How would it look?
How does it feel?

You walk up in the black of night. You wouldn't know where to hit from if it wasn't for colour changing glow in the dark lights that surround the first tee. A runway of glow sticks line the edge of the fairway. Once intimidating water hazard is now lined by a horseshoe of red flashing led lights. The night golf ball of your colour choice is letting off a glow that reflects on the face of your club. Upon impact a shooting coloured line flies through the air.

You have glow in the dark products on your body and bag so other players can see you and you can see them. Although at night, the course is well lined and all major features are identifiable with either static or flashing led glow sticks. Accessories are available to buy on course however a bit of pre work online can pick you up some pretty cool glowing or flashing attire.
The glow in dark golf balls are designed and tested by PGA Tour Professional Brad McIntosh and we believe from our testing the best night golf balls on the market today. It's a led golf ball that lights up when struck and reactivates every time the ball is hit to ensure continuous light for the entire round.

Light it up Golf!!!..A Night Golf Experience..

A great social night for the serious golfers, families and children
Our Events Page of Information will guide you to activities & events All glow in the dark golf activities will be to give you the ultimate night golfing experience.

A direct link to our sign-up for Membership & bookings for night golf events
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Social scene

Social Scene

We would like to introduce you to glow in the dark golf at its best. Night golf will be played over 9 holes and will be an ambrose event. The format for the night will be a shotgun start. The 9 holes will be lit up with over 1000 glowing led lights.
Green for the greens and fairways and holes, orange for bunkers, red for hazards and a special blue for the hole in one hole. Also flags will be flashing in multi colour lights and for a tournament feel for the serious golfer we will have glowing 150m markers. night golf balls used in play are designed by light it up golf.  Our organizers will be on hand to sell you glow balls & other merchandise will be sold at all events or online Scheduled night golf events will be held at various venues check events page.

Check out our Night Golf Launch Night Golf Sydney Launch at Bankstown golf club.

Special request Events can be organized..(parties, corporate, social etc)

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