Night golf Rules

Night Golf Rules

Preferred lies 30cm throughout course excluding greens.

Balls need to be marked and identifiable. Picking up to identify accepted as long a placed withing 30 cm of original placement.

150 meter pegs will be marked along the middle of each fairway that is on a par 4 and par 5. It is this indicator that is to be utilised by the players off the tee to assist in identifying the distance to the group in front.

Every player must wear a high visibility apparel that is exposed and covers a minimum of 50% of their upper torso. These included but not limited to jumpers, vests, shirts and jackets. Every player must wear a lit product that is easily visible from 250 meters. Including but not limited to illuminated bracelet, necklace, t shirt, hat. Every player must have have a lit of glowing product on their buggy or bag that is also visible from 250 meters.

Torches are permitted but not to be used during the actual shot making. Use of a torch is only permitted for safe travel between shots as required or searching for a golf ball.

It is the responsibility of each players to ensure that the group in front is out of range prior to hitting their shot. In the event of par threes where the group in front has chosen to call the next group up prior to finishing the hole then the onus lies with them to ensure they in a safe location.

Golf carts are permitted but not recommended. The lack of light may increase the risk of damaging the cart and or injuring the occupants. It is highly recommended that cart users utilise lighting or torches in transit and only operate the cart no faster than a brisk walking pace. No liability is taken by Light it up Golf for and damages incurred.

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