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Night Golf Shop

Light It Up Golf Shop Is Now Open!! Just before Christmas, Light it up Golf shop finally opened. We were overwhelmed by the response from our followers on social media about our products. I am writing this post to keep everyone updated on light it up golf and things that we have coming up in […]


Night Golf Experience

Night golf is not just golf in the dark its a magnificent night golf experience that will leave you thinking WOW. With night golf balls and a glowing golf course. Light it up golf is not just night golf, it is a new sport. New skill sets, new feel, new challenges like that basketball game […]

Making A Night Golf Ball

Through months of testing and design, Light it Up Golf have designed what is one of the most superior Glow in the Dark Golf ball on the market today. The testing of different glow golf balls by our design team In the early stages of Light it up golf there was much testing of current designs on the market. Almost all […]

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