Night Golf Launch

Australian night golf launch Bought to you by Light it up golf and Sponsored by

Our Night Golf Sydney launch will be played at Bankstown golf course.

Everyone is invited out to this event, We will be having food running all night and drinks available. All our products will be on sale on the night so you can get your first glance at the new Glow in the Dark Ball hitting the Australian market. You will be able to test the Glow in Dark Golf Balls and watch or participate in our event we have planned. You can buy our night golf balls here

Night golf launch format

9 holes will be the format.

We will be playing a 4 person Ambrose event with a professional in each group.

An Ambrose event for those who haven't play it before is everyone Tee's off and the best shot is taken. Everyone then hits from that position and keep repeating that until the hole is complete. So it doesn't matter if you have played golf your whole life or never played golf and think night golf will be a bit of fun you can come out and thoroughly enjoy your night.

Your $150 includes your round with a professional, a product package from Light it up golf for your round, Also includes dinner after the game and drinks for 3 hours and entertainment.

This will be a great night of fun and some great prizes for the winning team and professional will receive a nice cash prize.

Night Golf course setup

Our night golf course setup is very different from anything you have ever seen in night golf. Our company strives to make night golf the most professional event anyone has seen before in Australia. Over 1000 Led lights will be lighting up the golf course. Blue led's will be lighting up the tee's and 125 m markers to the green. night golf setupRed flashing lights will be outlining water hazards to ensure safety. Yellow lights will be lighting up the bunkers to also ensure everyone's safety. Green lights will be lighting up the greens and fairways. We will also have the cups glowing and the flags flashing in multi colours.  We also have white lights shinning into trees and lighting up pathways ect for a night nighttime effect.

We are in the process of confirming the format for the event. so more info to come.

The idea is to create a fun environment for everyone so they can see how fun and exciting playing night golf can be. Hope to see you out there.

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Whole group booking

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